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if any of you have been to prom, have you gone with a girl as your date? i know that sounds like a dumb question because of course we would want to take a girl, but i'm just wondering who actually has and didnt care what other people thought. or have any of you just gone with a group of friends?
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well, I never went to prom...
but with that said, I would LOVE to take a girl, and make sure that everyone knew we weren't "just friends"
I think it'd be a great statement to make, and I'd love to share a special night like that with a girl I had feelings for :]
thats sweet i hope thats what i do :)
Good luck finding a nice girlfriend while in high school lol :S

What grade are you in?
I'm a senior
Sweet. I'd be a senior right now too but I graduated (early) last week, actually.

Personally, I'm looking forward to college where there will be more lovely ladies!


January 9 2009, 00:16:59 UTC 8 years ago

I took a girl to prom.
No one really looked at me funny. I guess everyone just kind of shrugged it off. I had an awesome time.

**** ops.
I thought I was logged in.
It was I who posted that comment.
I would love to go to Prom with a girl, but she would have to be my girlfriend.
I wouldn't like to take a date to prom.
It's a night to let loose and have fun with your classmates.
i went with a girl within a group of friends.