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Newbie Here

Allow me to introduce myself; name’s Joy. I’m seventeen…living in Russia…all the way from an awesome place in Africa *grins*

Well, I’m the bisexual kid…most of the people I associate myself with know that I’m bi…hmm

I don’t think I’ve ever hidden that fact about myself before. I’m just straight up and forward…

If people don’t accept me for who I am then that’s too bad…I won’t change for anyone. I’ll be starting uni in a few months *covers face* and lets see…I just love to write; stories, poems…scripts..and I draw *smiles* plus I love photography and fashion...I've
been single for ages...guys totally aren't for me, especially if you live in a place like Russa; no offence meant...just the whole language thing. Girls here are...well; pretty friendly and gorgeous too; i should admit, i've been avoiding a relationship for so long now *whispers*
i think i fear getting hurt...or being the one to hurt the other...i could write a thousand more words about boring old me...but i doubt anyone would read more than 6 lines of my crap *yawns*
I'll paste my pic sometime when i dont feel so damn lazy...*leaves*
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