butterflyco (butterflyco) wrote in rainbow_room,


So you'd better go now
Your wife is calling you
I guess it's time to wake up
And go back to the truth

Because the sun is awake
And I am with you still
Naked in bed together
With memories unskilled

And she's waiting at home
For you to walk in the door
And give an excuse
For where you were till four

And she's got what I want
And you give what I take
Minus the wedding ring
And the lies that we make

So I guess you won't call
Me again for a while
And I know that I'll sit there
Wanting to dial

But my hands are tied up
And my feet are tied down
And my heart is awake
Whenever you wanna come around

And my brain is guilt filled
Because my body does what we do
And I'm wondering if I
Will ever really get to be with you

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